SLABSAUCE® is one of the best fish attractants ever created. It utilizes a secret formula developed in conjunction with the members of This scent includes no less than a dozen different ingredients and a very specific manufacturing process, making it the premier fishing scent to catch SLAB Crappie. Spray it on your jig for one-poling, spider-rigging or long-lining. It is very effective. Re-apply as necessary (maybe every 15 minutes or so). You can even spray it on crank baits when pulling them in the Summertime. You'll be amazed at how long that bait stays sticky and stinky on your bait.

SLABSAUCE® Testimonials

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It really works. If you're a member of (the largest, all free, family friendly, crappie fishing message board on the Internet) you probably already knew that!


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Crappie, Bream, bass and catfish. They all respond when I put on the sauce.

Great product! They shipped it super fast and I got it just in time for my first crappie trip! Thanks Crappie LLC! Other than that the product works like a charm! Had a friendly wager agains my buddy’s attractant and the slab sauce came out the winner! Have a bottle to my buddy and he is now a believer! Awesome product guys!

This stuff really works great for crappie thanks.

I even put it on live minnows. I noticed I got more big fish than on my other 2 lines without it. It doesn’t have a really strong sent, but it works!

Works like a charm. Removes/masks the human scent.

This is the best scent I've used.  Smells like fresh cut shad. Definitely gives results.

It helps to get the fish bite when they don't bite on just plain plastic jigs.

Love this stuff.

Works really well! Highly recommend.

Slab Sauce will help you catch more fish!!! Fish will hold on to artificial bait longer when you use it!

The sauce just plain works. Oily and sticky. Stays on a long time too. Strong scent. Had mine a long time now and has not degraded whatsoever. Long shelf life.

Works like magic..

The product really make a difference on days the fish are hesitant to take the bait.

Click Here to purchase Buy SLABSAUCE